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Contact & FAQs

Stephanie Yardley

+44 113 468 6700 | info@amsource.io


What is the entry criteria

The business you nominate must be registered and trading in the UK.

The individual must be a UK resident.

There is also some category-specific criteria which is detailed in the category descriptions.

What does the application look like

Name of the person, company or other group that you are nominating

LinkedIn URL for the person, company or other group that you are nominating

Why you're nominating them for this award (around 500 words). This should be a detailed explanation of why you think they deserve to win this award. We want to hear the story, but remember to refer back to the category criteria, using examples and data to back up any claims you make.

Supporting documents (testimonials, video, weblink) – Optional

Your details

How much does it cost to enter

Absolutely nothing!

The Leeds Digital Festival Awards is completely free to enter, and you’re free to enter as many categories as you like!

What is the entry deadline

Nominations open: Monday 19th June (midday)

Nominations close: Monday 14th August (midnight)

Can I enter more than one category

Providing you meet the criteria for each category, yes! You’re free to enter as many as you like.

What are supporting documents

The supporting documents are not a compulsory part of the application. It won’t count against you if you do not include any, but they can help to illuminate your entry.

Supporting documents could be testimonials, examples of press coverage, explainer videos, or impact reports, for example. These supporting documents can be sent to info@amsource.io

How are the winners chosen

Following the shortlisting process (which is done by the judges), the successful shortlisted businesses/individuals will be announced and personally invited to the awards evening.

Entries will be judged based on the answers provided within the application form and the supporting documents.

As with any judging process, there is an element of subjectivity around judging, so applicants should aim to provide as much information as possible.

Judges will review applications together during the judges meeting.

Winners will be announced on the night at the event and shortly after via social platforms.

How do I get tickets for the event

Once the judges have shortlisted the nominees, tickets will be allocated to those nominated. This is the hottest ticket in town, you can only get a ticket if you are nominated or are a sponsor.

I have some more questions...

No problem at all!

You can drop us an email at info@amsource.io

Application Top Tips:

  1. Sending the same application to multiple categories lacks focus and appears lazy. Nothing wrong with entering multiple categories but each application should be specific to the requested criteria.
  2. This is your opportunity to put yourself or your business in the limelight – don’t be shy. Be big and be proud of your business and/or your achievements, but take your time, keep it short, tight, factual and interesting.
  3. Ask someone else to read your application, preferably someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about what it is, or who it is, you are writing about. Ask them if they understand what you have written and if they feel it demonstrates achievements well.
  4. Don't miss the deadline!

Application Top Tips:

  1. Go to leedsdigitalfestivalawards.org/nominate
  2. Tell us who you want to nominate and why
  3. Job done! Keep your eyes peeled for the shortlist

Nominations open: Monday 19th June (midday)

Nominations close: Monday 14th August (midnight)

Reasons to nominate

A business –
Increase the awareness of your business amongst peers

Make yourself a more attractive destination for future recruits

Give morale a boost across your entire team

An individual –
Grow your personal brand

Increase your employability and stature within the market

Give yourself a springboard to the next stage of your career